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How Cowrywise Badges Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

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At Cowrywise, we’re passionate about making personal finance seamless for young Africans. Our team invests a lot in financial education and this is evident in the numerous guides available to you on the blog. This passion to help young people understand their finances better led to the creation of badges. 

Cowrywise badges help you set and achieve your financial goals in a more effective way. Without leaving the app, you have access to badges that help you understand where you are in your savings and investment journey. The badges also help you to gain clarity on where you want to be. 

Users look forward to getting the notification that they have unlocked a new badge or that they have gotten to a higher level of a previous badge. So whether you already set your financial goals or not, badges give you a holistic view of your money goals. 

The Cowrywise badges that currently exist

For every milestone you reach, you earn one of these badges to boost your financial fitness. 

1. Money Stepper

This badge has 3 levels. You earn the first level when you maintain a balance of N500,000 for 3 months. The second and third level is earned when you maintain a balance of N1M and subsequently N5M for 3 months. 

The Money Stepper badge is a testament to your consistency. If you’re constantly saving to spend or investing and then selling your investment units, this milestone will be difficult to achieve. 

2. The Harvester

As the name implies, you’ll earn this badge when you begin “harvesting” your investment seeds in the form of returns. It also has 4 levels which are for when you earn N10,000, N20,000, N50,000 and N100,000 respectively. This means that if you’ve already earned up to 10k in returns, your next goal should be to earn at least 20k and above. The more you invest, the more returns you’re able to earn so with this badge, you celebrate the fruit of returns, which is your harvest.

3. The Benjamin$

Benjamin is a slang people use to refer to the $100 bill because it has a portrait of Benjamin Franklin. As an investor, it is vital that you diversify your assets so anyone who invests at least $100 (in a dollar-denominated asset) earns this badge. Want to go international? Then work towards earning this badge!

4. Savvy Investor

Have you ever been to a gathering for the first time where the first-timers are asked to indicate by raising their hands? Well, the Savvy Investor badge allows first-time investors proudly raise their hand on the Cowrywise app. It comes with your first mutual fund investment and is a propellant for achieving much more.

5. Brave One

Being brave means you’re willing to do what others are scared to do! This badge is specifically reserved for those who try out equity funds. Equity funds are made up of a large percentage of stocks which are considered Growth Funds. It is pretty straightforward to earn this badge, all you have to do is invest in an equity fund at least once. So head over to the app now if you’ve not yet achieved this milestone. 

6. Pack Leader

There are different Savings Challenges on the Cowrywise app and this badge is earned when you top a Savings Challenge till maturity. This can be tough to achieve because it is very competitive. Everyone obviously wants to lead the pack if you strive to top a challenge till it ends, then this badge is yours! Oh and it doesn’t count if you topped the challenge for a long time, you have to go the long haul until it matures.

7. The Benevolent

One of the ways to do good with your money is to support a cause so this badge is dedicated to users who donate at least N5,000 to a cause that another user is soliciting funds for. When you donate, you get to make someone else’s life better, plus, you earn this badge.

8. Anniversary badge

If you’re like Olabinjo who started using Cowrywise when we launched, then you should have hit some of these milestones. There are 3 anniversary badges on the app:

  • Rising Star – To celebrate your first year of being with us
  • Steady Shark – To celebrate three years of growing with Cowrywise
  • Penta Champ – We’ll definitely be popping bottles here to celebrate your fifth year anniversary on Cowrywise!   

9. Ambassador of Funds

This is for the real lovers of Cowrywise who refer at least 10 friends to sign up on the app! Asides from the fee waiver you enjoy on one Naira Mutual Fund when you successfully invite a friend, this gives you a bragging right that you actually helped Cowrywise grow. You also help a loved one take charge of their finances so who wouldn’t want to have a friend like you?

10. Savings Score

This is an indication of how well you’re doing with your savings and you’re likely to earn this badge when you save consistently and grow your savings. Need to set up your savings goals? Then use this badge as a measure of your performance.

How Cowrywise badges can help you achieve your financial goals

How to share your badge with friends

Why earn a badge and then keep mute about it? 

To share your milestones with friends or on your social media platforms, simply click the icon at the top of each badge. It will automatically generate a link with your name on it. When anyone clicks the link, they are encouraged to be like you and begin hitting their financial goals too. 

In conclusion

Every part of the Cowrywise app was specifically designed to help you achieve your financial goals, including the Cowrywise badges. Instead of having vague or insurmountable goals, taking advantage of the Cowrywise badges helps you set clear and achievable goals.

Now that you know what each badge means and how it can help contribute to your success, log into your app and begin smashing each of those goals!

As always, we’re rooting for you.


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