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Excess Cash In Your Business? Here’s What To Do With It

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There are different ways to manage the excess cash in your business. 

1. You may use fixed deposits but the strict withdrawal timelines and the very low-interest rates might frustrate you.

2. You may stash the funds in a bank but you’ll get a lot of unnecessary debits. This often seems like the “easy” way to go, but it is not. When you keep large amounts of cash in the bank, chances are that you’re losing value and also not making adequate plans for inflation.

3. Or you may invest with Sprout to grow your business’s cash. 

I advise you go with the last option.

A good problem to have

Having excess cash in your business is a good problem to have as it is where many businesses aspire to be. So, congratulations on this feat! 

However, this is the time to take strategic financial steps to ensure you’re not sitting on additional profit that your business is capable of making.

You can put the excess cash in your business to work by:

  • Putting some of it back into the business to spur its growth and expansion.
  • Investing on Sprout to begin enjoying capital preservation, returns better than your bank, flexible liquidity and security.

Invest your business cash on Sprout

We launched Sprout to help founders of successful businesses invest in high-yielding assets for their business. 

Previously, it was hard and almost impossible to access a modern corporate treasury for your business. Many founders have had to invest business cash in their name because the process to do the same for your business was tedious. Now, you can do so seamlessly with Sprout.

SproutOther Options
Easy and seamless process to get startedLong queues, forms and other gruesome procedures
Transparent dashboard with clarity on all your transactionsHard to keep up with each transaction made
Invest in your business name and with business documentsOften requires business owners to invest in their name and with personal documents
Modern treasury management from the comfort of your home or officeTraditional way to manage your account and needs constant physical appearances
Licensed by the SEC and PCI-DSS compliant to ensure your investments enjoy bank-grade, top-level securitySecurity of funds not always guaranteed


On Sprout, you will also have access to diverse, business-friendly investments such as a money market index fund and several low-risk mutual funds from top fund managers in Nigeria.

Ready to put the excess cash in your business to work? Then visit to get started now.


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