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Despite the different uncertainties laced with investments in this economy, the Vetiva Money Market Fund continues to provide Nigerian investors with capital stability, ease of liquidity, portfolio diversification and competitive returns. Today, we are excited to announce the listing of Vetiva Money Market Fund by Vetiva Fund Managers Limited to our growing list of mutual funds on Cowrywise!

Who is Vetiva Fund Managers Limited?

As a Pan-African investment and asset management firm regulated by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) in Nigeria, Vetiva Capital Management Limited has established itself as a leading company in Financial Advisory, Capital Markets and Asset Management. Vetiva is well-respected for its outstanding innovation and professionalism, its track record of providing relevant financial advisory and fund management services to individual investors, corporate bodies and government agencies across multiple sectors; and also its array of awards and recognition from domestic and international institutions. Most recently, Vetiva was awarded the “Most Outstanding Investment Banking Services in Nigeria” for the 2020 Acquisition International award.

Vetiva Fund Managers Limited is a subsidiary of Vetiva Capital Management Limited duly licensed to operate as a Portfolio Manager in Nigeria. They are the champions of ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds) in Nigeria, which track the investment performance of major sectors and benchmark indices in Nigeria. Vetiva Fund Managers Limited is a top asset manager that provides wealth management services to high net-worth individuals, institutions and retail investors with a track record of outperforming set benchmarks.

The Vetiva fund managers thrive on a robust research system, superior delivery processes and an extensive risk management framework.

What does the Vetiva Money Market Fund invest in?

The Vetiva Money Market Fund is an actively managed open-ended Fund that seeks to provide capital stability, liquidity, and diversification while providing a competitive return to fund investors. Its composition is spread across fixed deposits, short-term government securities, treasury bills, cash and other money market instruments.

This fund is particularly suitable for conservative investors seeking a short-term investment horizon, safety and preservation of capital, regular stream of income, diversification and reduction of concentration risk.

Speaking on this fund, Oyelade Eigbe, Managing Director, Vetiva Fund Managers Limited, had this to say:

“Our trademark in Vetiva is “The future doesn’t just happen, it has to be built” and in line with this, we are very excited about this partnership with Cowrywise. We believe it would provide us with avenues to engage more young individuals towards building a lasting financial future by providing them with easy access to some of our investment products.”

Start investing securely in Vetiva Money Market Fund!

It’s easy. We’ll get you started in 4 quick steps.

  • Get the updated Cowrywise app here
  • Create your account or sign in to your existing account.
  • Tap “Invest”
  • Then choose the Vetiva money market fund from amongst the conservative mutual funds option.


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