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10 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day on a Budget

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I read a funny poem that’s meant to describe Valentine’s day financial dilemma and it’s so true!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Retailers want
All your money from you

Valentine’s day is the period a lot of people go all out to show affection to their partners; spending lots of money on romantic getaways and larger-than-life money bouquets. And yes, retailers are out to get all your money during this period with different packages and discounts. It’s absolutely okay to celebrate your partner in the most beautiful ways, we all want to experience that deliberate show of affection from our lovers. But should you break the bank to do that?

If you have to go broke or even borrow to show love to your partner, that contradicts the whole idea of Valentine’s—If you both care about each other, then your money choices should be very important to you. Remember, the kind of financial decisions you allow your loved ones to make also says a lot about how much you love them.

The kind of financial decisions you allow your loved ones to make also says a lot about how much you love them.

The good news is that there are many ways to spend the lover’s day with your loml, and have the best fun possible while still on a budget. In this article, I’ll share 10 affordable ideas for Valentine’s day that you and your partner will love!

1. Bake a cake—or anything delicious

You don’t know how to make a cake? That makes it more fun. Learn the act while baking a cake together. It doesn’t have to be a cake, you can make cookies, biscuits or snacks. Simply find a recipe online and be both involved during the act. Ensure to use flashy, happy colours as icing. 😉

2. Pack a picnic

You can choose a favourite spot outdoors—your compound, a nice beach or a less-crowded spot. Pack a mat, some cooked food and bites, some bottles of wine and a cosy blanket. Then, spend time together doing activities that you both love.

3. Host your mutual friends

It doesn’t matter whether your friends are single, in a relationship or married, convince them to spend some time with you both indoors. Play indoor games, cook or order some food, watch a movie and have fun conversations. It’s a win-win; you bond further with both your lover and your friends.

4. Write and hide secret notes

Most times, valentine’s day is a workday and there’s no holiday; your partner has to go to their place of work. So, why not make their day at work very romantic? Slip secret notes in their phone pouch, their laptop, their backpacks, their inner pockets, their wallets while they are asleep the night before? Then see their mood light up when they find each note at different times during the course of the day.

5. Recreate your first date

How did you both meet up for the first time? Recreating it would definitely bring a lot of fun memories. Which place did you visit? What food did you eat? What clothes did you wear? (If you can’t wear the clothes anymore, wear something really close.) Have conversations about how you both felt on your first date and you’ll be surprised at how much fun you both will have.

6. Launch something together 👩🏽‍❤️‍👨🏽

Valentine’s day is February 14th every year, so why not attach something memorable to it? Decide to start something together and make the decision on that day. Something we always recommend is choosing to grow your money together and become financially accountable to one another. Money is an important part of every relationship, and you should treat it as such.

Money is an important part of every relationship, and you should treat it as such.

Our Money Duo plans help with that. You both can save together securely—It’s so secure that even while you both build wealth together, your partner can’t tamper with your money. It’s the perfect way to start being financially compatible, yet remain safe.

7. Host a games night

This works for anyone, whether you’re single, in a relationship or married. Invite people over and host a night of games. There are lots of fun game options to pick from; you can choose options from the internet or use different cards to host those games. This way, you won’t just be having fun, but you’ll be helping a lot of other people have fun as well. Remember, you’re on a budget so you should limit the number of attendees.

8. Make it a family affair

This works better when you both are married or already know each other’s family. Invite specific family members to spend the day with you. You can choose to invite your siblings or include your parents; that’s your decision to make. Then go through old pictures and share the memories they bring to mind. You will definitely have good laughs—and maybe a few teardrops from beautiful memories.

9. Hangout with other couples

On Valentine’s day, there are usually a lot of hangouts and parties for couples in different locations. Attend an affordable one that’s in a preferred location and bond with other couples. You get to spend time out and as well widen your network. Double wins!

10. Give them a gift that keeps on giving 🎁

If you’re on a budget, you should give your love a gift that they keep on enjoying its benefits over a long duration, rather than gifts that provide a one-time feeling. Gifts like a camera, a gym membership or units of mutual funds on Cowrywise. Your partner keeps enjoying these gifts long after Valentine’s day is over.

Being intentional about showing affection to your partner doesn’t have to create a hole in your pocket. And being on a budget shouldn’t be a hindrance to having fun. This is why we curated this list just for you and your partner to get ideas for Valentine’s day, even while on a budget.

Got any ideas I haven’t mentioned? Share them in the comment section.


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