19 New Studies on Saving Money in 2023

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new studies on saving money

Are you curious to see new research about saving money in 2023? Then look no further. 

We have curated a list of up-to-date statistics below.

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Top Saving Money Statistics

These are the most interesting saving money statistics you should know:

  1. Only 36% of Nigerians have at least 3 months’ worth of emergency funds. (Cowrywise)
  2. 54% of Nigeria’s unbanked poor prefer saving money at home to banks (Inclusion for all Initiative).
  3. 52% of Americans are behind in saving for retirement, and 16% are not even sure whether they’re on track. (Bankrate)
  4. Men consider themselves better at saving money than women. (Talker Research)
  5. Nice people don’t save enough money. (Vice)
  6. Can money buy happiness? If you are rich and dealing with a severe emotional crisis then money won’t help. (Livemint)
  7. Money boosts happiness for most people up to earnings of $500,000 (CBS News, PNAS
  8. 80% of Nigerians do not have insurance (Cowrywise)
  9. Women have less money than men in their bank accounts (GoBankingRates)
  10. Around 44% of those who save regularly were more satisfied with their life as a whole. (Good Housekeeping)
  11. 90% of Americans would save money by switching to electric vehicles. (Microsoft Start)
  12. Men saved over twice as much money as women in 2022 (The Motley Fool)
  13. 50% of couples consider dishonesty about money a form of infidelity. 21% wish they had known more about their partner’s financial attitudes before committing to the relationship. (Business Wire)
  14. People save more money when their goals fit their personality (
  15. 63% of Nigerians report their income is not enough for them let alone with dependants (Cowrywise)
  16. Nearly 1 in 5 Americans have used a BNPL service in the past 12 months. (Nerdwallet)
  17. 32% of Canadians are nearing retirement without any savings whatsoever (Spring Financial)
  18. Companies could save money by catching up with digitization (FM Magazine)
  19. About 13% of Romanians plan to save their money in cash in 2023 —showing Romanians are increasingly moving towards a cashless economy. (Romania Insider)
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(This list is continually updated)

Bottom Line

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