A Jolly January: Preparing for the Longest Month of the Year

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It’s Detty December!

“Let’s go kayaking.”
“I have an office party.”
“My children have school parties.”
“Oh my. I have to buy Christmas clothes for my niece.”
“There’s this concert I must attend.”

I get it. Trust me, I really do. You’ve worked all year, and probably saved and invested too. It’s the right time to have some fun. You’re on holiday together with tens of other friends; it could even be the first time you’re taking a break from work this year.

“A break? Even Christmas comes with zero breaks. I want to have some fun regardless.”

Yes, even you. I get you clearly. It’s the exact way we do not go on break when you need to withdraw from your mature plan on Christmas eve. But we all deserve some end-of-the-year fun, don’t we?

Have you ever asked yourself why January is always the longest month of the year?

There’s no science about it; bad spending decisions is a significant reason January feels that way. Apart from subconsciously missing the fun that comes with the season, getting carried away and spending your last naira on all the fun activities make the innocent month feel like a drag. But, since you suddenly have a great need for your salary from the 5th day of January, the remaining 26 days feel like forever. Nobody likes waiting, especially not for money.

This is the exact problem we want to help you solve; helping you build a better money culture so you can enjoy an overall financial balance is our goal. Thus, we want you to enjoy a shorter January—sort out your January bills easily, pay your children’s school fees without grumbling, retain transportation fees to and fro work till your next salary, have enough funds to enjoy mutual funds early in the year, and so on.

We have created a savings challenge for you that solves this problem. With this, you can lock your money somewhere and have it accessible to you in January. Wondering how? Not to worry, I’ll answer all of the questions you have below.

How does this Jolly January savings challenge work?

With savings challenges, Cowrywise allows you to save with people who have the same goal as you, challenging yourselves in the process. We have successfully achieved this with different groups of people like the bachelors, freelancers, football clubs, lady with balls, etc. With the Jolly January savings challenge, you’ll be saving with the same people like you, trying to set a better money culture that prepares them better for January.

Once you join this challenge, you’ll join a circle where you’ll automatically save #5000 every month, starting from the day you join—until the maturity date, January 8th, 2022.

What happens on the maturity date?

On the 8th of January, 2022, you will have full access to the amount you have saved so far. You can either withdraw to your bank account to sort out pending bills, lock them again in another savings plan to keep earning interest on them or re-invest them in mutual funds to eat good all through the rest of the year. Whatever you do with it, it’s your absolute choice. The goal is to have enough money in January to be able to make that choice.

I’m not sure 5,000 per month for three months will sort my January bills. What do I do?

Oh, you were on our mind while we created the savings challenge, so we have the perfect solution for you. Apart from the fixed #5,000 savings, you can top up your savings directly via cards, bank transfers or your Cowrywise Stash. 

For example, before/after the usual #5,000 savings gets deducted automatically from your account, you can manually top-up any amount of your choice in the circle. This allows for flexibility, and it respects your choice as well. See what we did there?

I’d be saving with a group of people. Is there a risk of losing my money to someone else?

No! I could write that in capital letters; it shows how sure I am. Only you have access to your money. Being in the group only helps you to be challenged to do more, stay accountable to people. Trust me, you don’t want it any other way.

How do I join the Jolly January savings challenge?

Just click here to join the challenge. If you’re new to Cowrywise, you will have to create an account to join the challenge. It’s a straightforward and short process.

Do you have any more questions? Feel free to share them in the comment section right away.

We want to help you stay in charge of your money, this is why we keep putting everything in place to help you do so without stress. Wouldn’t you rather help yourself?

Be a part of the Jolly January challenge today. It’s the best way to prepare for the longest month of the year. So join the circle now to eat good in January.

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