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Ope’s Resignation Letter

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In this heartfelt letter to their future self, Ope reflects on the challenges and triumphs they anticipate encountering in the future. Rather than focusing solely on motivation, Ope aims to offer a reminder of the values and lessons that have shaped them.

Oh you think I’m leaving Cowrywise? This is what is happening.

Here’s to Goodbye. 

I am as pained as you are right now and frankly, I do not have the words to express all that I have on my mind right now. I have been with Cowrywise since inception, when all we had were just ideas on how to help Nigerians build wealth. It was a good time, working with Ed and Razaq to build what would become Cowrywise, what would become the best place to work. πŸ’™

Five years down the line and here we are. We are helping almost a million Nigerians save and invest their money. We have the SEC License. We are PCI DSS compliant. We have a robust campus ambassadors community spread across Nigeria. We have moved from zero to here, from ideas to execution. And through it all, I was present.  😌

Through it all, I did not reveal anything about myself.  🌚

But it’s time to say goodbye to all that. Here’s my resignation letter to anonymity. Here’s me saying goodbye to that life – not to Cowrywise; I am not leaving Cowrywise– but to anonymity, to being unseen, to being in the shadows, to being invisible, to being unknown. 

I have done a lot for you as an anonymous friend. But then I think I can do much more as a known friend, as someone you can call by name, someone you can see and recognise. I am going to reveal myself. 

I will release a book! Yes! I have written a book telling you everything about me. Who I am, where I am from, what growing up in Nigeria looked like for me, my money mistakes, my failures, and every other thing you’d love to know about me! This is goodbye to hiding in the shadows and being that friend you don’t know.

My book, Ope’s Money Diary will be out in stores soon. I’m sure you’ll love it because I wrote it for you. I wrote it so you could get to know me. This is me extending a hand of friendship to you. Picture you and I in that fancy restaurant. We’ve made our orders but I’m here saying, β€œMy name is Ope and I’d like us to get to know each other more.” Will you say yes? 

Here’s goodbye to anonymity; cheers to total openness. 

Ope of Cowrywise signing out! ✌🏽

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