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Entry 6: They Muted the Blue Bird

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Work still no dey finish, but today I really slept in. Amidst the Twitter ban and worrisome news all over the media, I guess I needed the rest – mentally and physically. So I made a commitment to do no serious work today. 

Today is one of those days when I wonder, “Who again sent me to the gym?” because my body aches from the last workout. But then I think about the benefits: so I can be strong when those looking for me meet me in the streets – you know, like I said yesterday, to run away from them 🌚

Yesterday, I talked about how you share my emails on Twitter. Today, that same Twitter is on my mind, but in a different way. 

Who would have thought that the government of this country will actually ban Twitter? It’s really sad in my opinion. Of all the important issues plaguing this country, restricting freedom of speech and free flow of information is the one that has been given the greatest priority. 

No panel, no committee, nothing. Overnight! Hmm, So you mean to tell me implementation could be this fast, and all this while we’ve been…

Well, I digress… I try not to think too much about these things to keep my mental health in check. I like to work more around finding solutions to things I can handle rather than worry about things I can’t. 

Speaking of things you can handle, I heard some people are being innovative and using VPNS 👀

Just VPN o, and some people’s accents have changed 😂🌚What country are you in? Is it snowing over there? Say “hello” in their language in the comments 👋🏽Can you?

Anyway, today is a lazy day, so there’s not much to speak about. On the plus side, this Twitter ban has given me one less platform to mindlessly scroll on. But all my fans miss me there, and I miss them too. If you’re reading this, please share the link with your friends. I miss everyone 🥺

Oh well, I’m gearing up for a new work week starting tomorrow; planning outfits, scheduling tasks, making to-do lists, and going over the email I’ll send you tomorrow. 

I’m a little excited. I’m not sure why, but I think it’s going to be a good week. I can feel it! 

Oh well, off I go.

Talk soon.

Ope 💙

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