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Entry 26: Privilege, Payday & Pandora’s Box

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Today got me thinking about my privilege.

It rained for 5 whole hours this morning. 5 hours!! 😯 🥶 

I was all cuddled up with my blanket and pillow complaining about missing my doctor’s appointment at 8 a.m. Then it struck me how I was so comfortable in my space, and still complaining, with a duvet conveniently over me. My privilege was screaming.

What of the people seeking shelter under the bridge or on the street? I can’t help but imagine what they must be going through 😞 I’m sure missing a doctor’s appointment is the least of their worries. Their biggest problem is something that I have but am too blind to be grateful for – a roof over their head.

I didn’t just lay there and shake my head about it. I tried to estimate my Uber fare to and from the clinic and put the estimate in a donations circle. It wasn’t related to shelter, but I just felt the need to assist people in need.

That reminds me, yesterday was payday! 💃 

I was very excited when I got the alert until I remembered, just like most people I am my family’s ATM. I immediately swung into action using the trusty 50:20:30 rule, saved 20%, 30% for entertainment and black tax inclusive, and the remaining 50% for transportation and other important stuff.

At this point, I’m probably already used to the math, but I create a budget still – a handwritten one every month. I’ve been using the Kakeibo method of budgeting, and it has really helped me find loopholes in my monthly expenses. Since I started, I haven’t stopped. Better safe than sorry, right?

Another exciting part of yesterday was our Bond and Learn session with the retro vibes theme. I tried to look my best based on my wardrobe condition but my CEO and CTO did not let me shine. They were all bedazzling! 

We had lots of fun! From the Paint and Sip activity to the mental health session. Oh, and there was a lot of food and games. I wish we could do this more often, tbh. Even Afoo that likes running home at 5 p.m didn’t want to go home. 😃

My best part of the day was when we were gesticulating Cowrywise products in the Charades game. I was shocked when Basiqoqo was giving some sweet steps in the musical chair game. Everyone wore their fun pants and we really went all out.

After much fun, however, comes rest. It’s called balance.

Today has been a relaxing one for me. I know you guys think I am all about work. I mean, I love work, but my doctor has specifically asked me to sleep more. Well, who am I to say no to sleep? We only live once right?

Before I sleep though…

Last week, I scheduled a recurring meeting on T’s calendar for a quick catch up before bed. Let me just say it’s been the best and worst thing. I’m still too shy to give the details because I feel like you guys are going to drag me 😩

I’ll say this though: there are so many things you’d never know if you don’t ask clearly. No assumptions, no mind games, just simple and straightforward questions. I’m finding out more about T and I want to keep asking, but it feels like a Pandora’s box type of thing to me.

Oh well, enough about me.

Let me know how your day has been in the comments section.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow, as usual.

Ope 💙

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