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Market Slice: How Mutual Funds Performed in August 2021

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Market slice is a monthly summary of mutual funds on Cowrywise and key money news. We share this jargon-free report at the beginning of every month. Share lessons on Mutual Funds in August 2021 using the hashtag: #MarketSlice.

Good news! 🤩

The apex bank of Nigeria has projected that the country’s inflation rate will drop to a single digit in 2022. The inflation rate today is 17.38%. The recent policies set in place to boost different sectors of the economy informed this projection by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and insecurity, the country has exited recession since the last quarter of 2020 and is in the recovery phase. This shows potential growth for Nigeria’s economy and the hope is that the inflation rate drops soon.

Best performing Conservative Fund in August 2021 🗓

Money market funds are a type of conservative funds and they were the best performing mutual funds in August 2021. 

These funds are maintaining stable growth and are a great starting point for new investors entering the mutual fund market.

Mutual Funds in August 2021

Top fixed income & balanced fund (USD) 💰

Investing and saving in dollars has become increasingly easier. The Nigerian Eurobond Fund is a type of mutual fund that invests in Dollar-denominated bonds. 

With this, you can lend companies and the Nigerian government dollars and get back your returns/interests in dollars.

Mutual Funds in August 2021

Top fixed income & balanced fund (NGN) 🇳🇬

A good recommendation when investing is to diversify your portfolio. What this means is that you can put your money all at once into a fund composed of Treasury bills, bonds and stocks. This is a way of reducing exposure to risk and at the same time increasing your earning potential. Balanced funds are good for portfolio diversification

You can take a refresher on the types of mutual funds here.

Mutual Funds in August 2021

Top Performing Equity Funds (NGN) 🚀

The equity market has been ranked as the best investment asset class to hedge against inflation from August 2020 to August 2021. The returns between last year to now is 54.85% against today’s inflation rate of 17.38%. This means if you had invested in this fund around this time last year, the value of your capital would have increased by 54.85%. Essentially, you will have more purchasing power. For instance: N100,000 invested in August 2020, will be N154,850 today.

According to Bloomberg, the best-performing stock market in 2020 with over 50% gain was the Nigerian equity market. Although past performance doesn’t determine future gains, the growth of equity funds has been magnificent. 🤩

Mutual Funds in August 2021


Daniel Craig, a Hollywood actor will become the highest-paid after signing a lucrative deal with Netflix worth about $100 million in the next two sequels of Knives out. His current net worth sits around £138 million.

In another sweet data gist, over 70 previous and current employees of Revolut, a fintech in London became millionaires after they were given shares of the company. Imagine working in a company that “blows” and then having the opportunity to own shares of the company. Sweet!

Revolut was valued at $33 billion in June 2021. For more information about this, check here.

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