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Introducing Marble Halal Funds on Cowrywise

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Embarking on an investment journey often brings about challenges. These challenges often become compounded for investors in the pursuit of a trustworthy, ethical, and shari’ah-compliant fund manager. Marble Capital Limited (MCL) offers ethical and Shariah-compliant investment opportunities that provide capital stability, liquidity, portfolio diversification, and competitive returns. We are pleased to introduce Marble Halal Funds on Cowrywise. MCL’s investment products include the Marble Halal Commodities Fund, are now available to our clients at Cowrywise.

About Marble Capital Limited?

Established in 2020, MCL is a leading ethical and Shariah-compliant Fund Manager in Nigeria. The company focuses on tapping into opportunities offered by the Islamic finance market to develop investment instruments for people who are particular about their ethical, religious, and social convictions.
As a company regulated by the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) and a proud member of the Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB), MCL strategically positions itself to target and expand the global alternative investment industry. Consequently, Business Day BAFI Awards have twice recognized Marble Capital Limited as the Islamic Asset Management Firm of the Year, solidifying their exceptional performance and contribution to the industry.

Marble Halal Commodities Fund (MHCF)

The Marble Halal Commodities Fund is one of MCL’s investment products. This open-ended mutual fund invests in Shariah-compliant commodities and commodities-linked instruments listed on various SEC-licensed exchanges. This carefully selected mix of instruments includes securitized commodities, Fixed Income, and Equities instruments. The fund’s primary objective is to offer investors portfolio diversification and capital appreciation by leveraging the various offerings of the Nigerian commodities space.

What does Marble Halal Commodities Fund invest in?

Marble Halal Fixed Income Fund (MHFIF)

The Marble Halal Fixed Income Fund is a low-risk, open-ended unit trust scheme that predominantly invests in Halal Fixed-Income instruments. These instruments include Sukuk, Non-Interest Commercial Papers (NICPs) and other debt instruments like Shari’ah-compliant Fixed Term Investments, and Income contracts permissible under the Shari’ah principles and in accordance with the Investments and Securities Act 2007.  The primary objective of the fund is capital preservation and income generation.

What does the Marble Halal Fixed Income Fund invest in?

The Marble Mutual Funds are open to all kinds of investors ranging from retail investors, high-net-worth individuals, corporate entities as well as institutional investors (including pension funds and insurance/takaful operators). Industry experts with several years of experience in the Nigerian Capital Markets and the commodities industry manage MCL’s Funds. The funds boast strong corporate governance and oversight of the SEC and International Advisory Council of (Shariah) Experts. Our commitment is to be the top choice for green, ethical, and halal investment solutions. At Marble Capital, we focus on generating halal wealth to help all our clients realize their noble aspirations.

All you have to do to get started is:

  • Download or update the Cowrywise app.
  • Create your account or sign in to your existing account.
  • Tap on “Invest”.
  • Select any of your preferred Marble Capital Halal Funds to invest in

Invest with Cowrywise today and build a lasting financial future without compromising your beliefs.

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