How To Get A Raise: 8 Ways To Increase Your Salary

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So you want to increase your salary?

How do you feel when you get your salary for a month’s work and you think it’s time to ball but responsibilities and bills won’t let you? Or that time of the month you receive more calls for help and the next thought is that: I want an increase in my salary! How do you feel? We also think you deserve better because this is Nigeria and we must ball as hard as we work… Yeah!! But, let’s ask the hard question.

So you think you deserve more? If so, it’s just as easy as snapping your fingers and following these workplace hacks to get a raise.

1. Ask yourself if you deserve more pay.

Before asking for a pay raise, check yourself, your past activities and achievements. Where and when have you over-delivered and under-delivered? Analyze your performance and come out with a holistic and unbiased evaluation of yourself. Be fair, at least to yourself.

2. Become very visible.

Employers recognize employees who are very visible in their job, around the firm and who engage in almost all the activities of the firm. Be the first to volunteer, be ready to take up tasks and be innovative to proffer solutions to any rising problem.

3. Update your skills.

The best way to up your game is to acquire more skills relevant to your job. If you’re in marketing, learn more about sales, customer relations and brand promotion. It will help you. Be at the top of the game by updating your skills to the newest in the industry. Don’t be left behind.

4. Be invaluable.

The most effective way you can get a raise is to be invaluable. Be the very best at what you do: enlarge your job description, don’t stay in the box, think outside the box and leave the box to create another standard. Be an expert at every bit of your job. Yay! you will become a hotcake!

5. Negotiate to increase your salary.

Whenever you think you deserve a raise (remember point 1?), don’t be shy to negotiate. Always be ready for a ‘no’ but be constructive enough when asking. Be very polite and ask using data about similar positions in the industry and their pay, why you are better than those. Give a detailed report when asking.

6. Report constantly via mail.

The best way your boss can know what you’ve achieved is to constantly report to him either weekly, daily or monthly so he can be abreast of your achievements and also give you the pay you are due.

7. If you want to go higher, do what the person in the next cadre won’t do.

The best way to go higher is to perform outstandingly at your level and also beyond your level. If you’re just a typist and you aspire to be a secretary: do what a secretary would do without being told. Don’t be arrogant with it and smile always. That’s a plus!

8. Above all, don’t be extravagant in spending.

Most people drive cars their employers don’t have to their offices. In this part of the world, never outshine your master! Strive to earn more, save more money and spend less.

Rising to the zenith is a task people do daily! Follow through and you just may hand yourself an extra pay earlier than you think.

But wait, when that extra pay comes in, don’t fall victim to lifestyle inflation. Save the extras and put those extras to work on Cowrywise. Your savings deserve to work hard, just like you.


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