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2022/2023 Premier League season recap

The Premier League is back for another season, and it looks like the contending teams have come prepared, ready to thrill and excite the fans once again. Before it kicks off tomorrow, with Manchester City going toe-to-toe with Burnley, let’s do a quick recap of the 2022/2023 season.

Last season brought exhilarating moments, unexpected twists, and fierce competition on the field. With top-tier teams battling it out for supremacy while fans worldwide were treated to a spectacle that will be remembered for years to come.

In case you have forgotten, here’s an overview of the highlights from the 2022-23 season to jog your memory:

  • Manchester City won the Premier League title finishing ahead of Arsenal to seal a third-straight win.
  • The season ended with 1,084 goals scored at an average of 2.85 per game.
  • Did you also remember Liverpool’s 9-0 hammering of Bournemouth? 😂 

Speaking of goals, let’s talk about how Football Savings Goals performed last season.

Premier League 2023 Season <> Cowrywise Football Savings Goals

It’s another football season starting on Friday, August 11, 2023, and we want to help you build wealth with fellow football fans just like we did last season.

How does the Football Savings Goals work?

We created a savings circle for 8 popular teams, so you get to save together with other fans of your team. These teams are Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Barcelona, Real Madrid and PSG.

You can save a minimum of ₦1,000, for every goal your team scores!

You can also add Triggers for when your favourite player scores!

Here’s how you did last season:

So, how can you join your favourite club?

It’s easy. Click on your preferred team below, create an account or log in and start saving.

The Premier League continues to captivate a global audience. The passion of fans, whether watching from the stadium or their living rooms, highlights the sport’s unifying power. We know that this season will be another rollercoaster of emotions but not just that; it is another time to build wealth supporting the club you love.

So, get your gear ready and don’t miss out on the action! Dust your jerseys, whistles, and debit cards, and invite a friend!

Save with fellow football fans

Got more questions?

Drop a comment and we’ll attend to them right away.


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