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Dear Future Ope: A Letter to my Future Self

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The image depicts a stylized top-down view of a desk with several items on it, including: A cup of coffee on a saucer, with a spoon resting on the edge. An envelope, partially obscured by a letter. A letter, partially visible with some text on it. A pen lying on the letter. A red wax seal. The text on the letter begins with "Dear Ope," and appears to be written in blue ink. The background is a patterned surface with a light orange or tan color. There are also three sugar cubes scattered near the coffee cup.
Ope's Future Self Letter

Dear Future Ope,

I imagine that by the time you open this, you will have experienced many challenges and triumphs, many of which I can currently foresee. However, this isn’t a letter meant to motivate you – ambition has never been a problem for us. Instead, I want to take a moment to reflect on the journey we’ve been on and offer a gentle reminder of the values and lessons that have shaped us.

Recently, it’s been hard to stay optimistic about the state of the country and our place in it. Now, this is not to say that I have lost faith in myself, but it is hard to consistently remain enthusiastic about the future when the air is saturated with tension. But I am currently leading with the understanding that every day has its story, and I am willing to make the most of my part in this chapter, knowing that every step taken paves the way for our happy ending.

Now, I sure cannot see into the future, but all things being equal, I hope you have continued to approach life with the same passion and resilience that defines us. And that you continue to find more creative ways to help our community grow wealth through discipline. Over here, we just launched Streaks, and it’s exciting to see how well-received it is among our customers. I hope we continue doing more of this.

Also, let’s never stop celebrating little victories. Those moments make for some of the best memories and serve as reminders of our progress. No matter how small they may seem, each one is a testament to our dedication and is deserving of recognition.

And lastly, always remember that you are loved, not just by those around you, but by me as well. Remember to be kind to yourself, to take time to rest, and to appreciate how far you’ve come. The journey is just as important as the destination, and I have no doubt you’re making it a remarkable one.

Keep pushing forward. The best is yet to come.

With love,
Ope, 2024. 💙

Your future self wants to hear from you…

YouTube: Dear future me…

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