Introducing Cowrywise Savings Score (CSS)

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Cowrywise Savings Score (CSS)
Cowrywise Savings Score (CSS)

Today, we are excited to introduce Cowrywise Savings Score (CSS). The SS is a performance indicator that gives you a unique financial identity based on how diligent you have been saving money on Cowrywise. The score is estimated by our proprietary scoring algorithm developed by the Cowrywise CEO, Razaq Ahmed, CFA.

The score, generated primarily from inputs such as savings records, withdrawals, savings success and failure, saving frequency and amount saved, is used to build a creditworthiness profile for you. This score ranges between a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 100. If you have registered on Cowrywise, you can view your current Saving Score on the dashboard.

Why should I care?

The Savings Score is a good self-assessment tool to measure how well you are doing in meeting your personal finance goals.

How can I improve my savings score?

While there is no single way to boost your savings score overnight, below are some actions that can improve your score over time:

  • Have a consistent monthly savings contribution that will run for at least 6 months.
  • Avoid failed saving attempts by funding your card before saving the due date or adjust your saving dates accordingly.
  • Retry failed savings as soon as you can (possibly within 24 hours)
  • Reduce the number of withdrawals you make

While failed savings due to technical issues will not affect your savings score, withdrawals and failed savings due to other non-technical reasons will reduce your score.

Happy Saving!


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