The Goals Challenge: A Circle You Can Bet On.

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When you think of the next football season, you think of the communities formed and bound by team spirit. For some, it’s the adoration of a player; for the other, it’s the sport itself—like art.

There’s so much faith in a team, in a player’s skill. There’s a thrill, the banter, the conversations on Twitter, and groups of people glued to the TV in a bar. Football is culture, and we’re natives.

“A gambler is nothing but a man who makes his living out of hope”

William Bolitho

So, you hope. You put your money where your mouth is. You put your money on the line while you watch the match with sweat on your brow. Each whistle-blow, strike, or penalty that decides the fate of your “game’ adds to this sweat. Not many people have been so lucky. It’s a series of trial and error played with currency.

What if we have the perfect way to keep your money stacked with interest on it? We’ve built a savings challenge in collaboration with Kalu Aja. He has the vision to empower individuals and households financially. He does this by raising the level of financial literacy and awareness.

We’re creating a circle you can bet on, a community of football lovers who put their money where their team is—the right side of money. Each time your team scores, you add a bonus. We’re excited to see the leaderboard!

Kalu will host a bi-weekly roundup, where he’ll give updates, and he’ll serve as your finance coach. This is also the perfect time for banter with other teams. We’re genuinely excited.

Sure odds? We’ve got you.

You never have to lose money to betting again. Stack up and earn interest while your team stays winning. Do you have a team you support? We’ve got a savings circle with others just like you.

Settle in, watch each match with the certainty of what happens to your money.

Click here to join the right league for you! 💙


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