My experience as an ambassador intern at Cowrywise

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‘Hearty Congratulations! You have been offered an undergraduate internship at Cowrywise. Kindly look through your offer letter below.’ 

I became very startled when I read the letter and realized I had gotten the internship. I kept asking myself ‘Is this a dream?’ Nope. It was indeed reality.

During my onboarding, Michael showed me around and briefed me on Cowrywise’s operations and how my role as a content writer and community manager fits. I gained insights into the product from Yami, marketing strategies from Mobolaji, and the company culture from Faith, making for an overall amazing experience.

Mixed feelings

On my first day, despite my excitement, I was apprehensive and struggled to fit in. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was wrong – was it me, or the pressure to impress? This fear of not being perfect was hindering my performance.

My first two weeks were disappointing. Despite my desire to be productive, I struggled to meet deadlines, lacked organization, and felt unsatisfied with my output. Additionally, although I had a passion for writing, I had always held back from sharing my work out of fear of judgment.

My First Twitter Thread Went Live!!

Despite my insecurities, I persevered in writing and took it one step at a time. When assigned to write a Twitter thread on Rihanna’s rise as a beauty icon, I made mistakes and asked seemingly silly questions, but I kept at it and edited it repeatedly until it was ready for posting. When it finally went live, it received a huge engagement, bringing me immense joy.

Achieving success in my writing made me realize the importance of honing my editing skills and language proficiency. I recognized the need to submit the best versions of my work, especially when it came to financial education or money chronicles submitted to Mobolaji. I learned to thoroughly edit my work and strive for excellence in all that I produced.

The Culture Stood Out To Me…

I recall admiring Ope’s writing style and being struck by the passion and intelligence it conveyed. Witnessing the collaborative effort that went into creating high-quality content for our audience left a lasting impression on me. The love, teamwork, and hard work I witnessed at Cowrywise also made a significant positive impact on how I viewed others. I fondly remember discussing this with my fellow intern, Ella, and together marvelling at the wonderful people we had the privilege of working with.

Community Management Helped Me In Dealing With People…

Later on, I was given the additional responsibility of working with Michael in managing the Cowrywise campus ambassadors community. Although I was initially confused, I accepted the task. I fondly recall moments when I was unsure and Yeni would offer encouraging words and gentle taps on the head to motivate me to take on real-life responsibilities.

Working with my peers as part of my responsibilities with Cowrywise’s campus ambassadors was challenging, requiring a strong spirit of leadership. It involved organizing events like Club60 and masterclasses, engaging ambassadors in various tasks, making calls to team leads for feedback on campus engagement, and appointing the ambassador of the week. Through this experience, I learned the importance of being diplomatic, organized, and efficient in time management.

Growth Is A Process…..

Initially, I struggled with the idea that I had come to Cowrywise to learn, as I had a misguided notion of being perfect. However, working alongside Cowrywise staff enabled me to gain a broader perspective on various aspects of life.

I made a point of seeking out the Cowrywise staff to evaluate my writing, not to seek validation but to be open to criticism and learn from it. The company culture values the exchange of ideas and knowledge, and no idea is considered too small or unimportant. This culture of continuous learning and collaboration is what has made Cowrywise the strong company it is today.

Stepped out of my zone to learn new things

I learned basic design using Canva and designed my final presentation on it, thanks to the guidance of Oyin. I also gained an understanding of APIs and cookies which helped me comprehend some tech terminologies. Furthermore, Mobolaji taught me about SEO and marketing strategies which gave me insight into the tactics behind growth.

Carrying the love Cowrywise gave me everywhere

I gained self-esteem and felt accepted. Educating people on investments such as mutual funds and savings plans is so easy for me now because I was open to learning and they accepted me with open arms. I even celebrated my birthday at the HQ, feeling real love everywhere.

Special thanks to Razaq and Ed for giving me this opportunity.

Becoming a campus ambassador gave me this opportunity to grow in every aspect. That is what we all live for, Growth.

To become a Cowrywise ambassador, apply here.


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