We Are Partnering Scale My Hustle

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Cowrywise and scale my hustle

What Partnership?

A number of business advisory tips are spiced with generic condiments that do little or nothing to help the African business owner scale better. As a team, we know first hand that it takes more than generic solutions to tackle the unique challenges faced by brilliant African entrepreneurs. To help, we are establishing a brilliant partnership with the amazing Scale My Hustle.

This partnership will blend financial advisory and growth advisory in a manner that is tailored to fit players in the African space. The core aim of this blend is to focus on helping the African business owners earn better, so they can go on to use these earnings for brilliant scaling. With this partnership, we expect to impact at least 500,000 unique businesses in the next 10 years.

The Partnership Focus

The partnership will focus on designing free tools that will help improve day to day activities of African businesses. Based on insights from Scale My Hustle’s interactions with business owners, we’ll help design financial tools that satisfy local demands. Also, in the nearest future, we’ll help ease access to angel investors for businesses that will be part of this network.

Commenting on this partnership, our lead product designer, Feyisayo Shonubi, said: “It is quite exciting to work with such a brilliant firm on designing business tools specific to the African space. As a firm, right from the beginning, we have been focused on designing what people can actually use. Therefore, this is a major step that is in sync with a core aspect of our vision. I look forward to the amazing results that this partnership will birth”.

In a similar comment, Moe Odele, the founder of Scale My Hustle, expressed her excitement with this project. “A number of times, many advisory strategies focus on telling African entrepreneurs how to use money that doesn’t even exist yet. That is, they ignore the evident fact that these businesses are not even earning enough yet. With this partnership, we will focus on improving the earning abilities of African businesses and then help them scale”, she said.

Let us get Started

To kick things off, we will embark on an extensive tour with Scale My Hustle to interact with business owners across different sectors to understand their challenges and how we can help them do better. Based on our unique learnings, we will go on to design tools and guides fit for them. As a side to the main dish, we will be providing some small business owners with access to the following:

● Free workspace
● Free studio space
● Free gaming facility
● Access to pool
● Referral bonus
● VIP Card for premium events

To be part of the selected participants, tap here to register and ensure that you tap “Mochievous” as your referral source. Let’s create some magic together!

About Scale My Hustle

Scale My Hustle is a social enterprise that is focused on helping entrepreneurs to build better-structured businesses. They do this by providing educative content and a community for current entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. Also, the firm is passionate about emerging markets and believe that sustainable entrepreneurship is one way to solve some of the major challenges that lock many people in poverty. The team is made up of professionals with expertise in corporate law, investment banking, digital marketing and data science. Check them out here.