The rise and fall of Agricultural crowdfunding

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Agricultural crowdfunding platforms, popularly known as Agri-crowdfunding fintechs, were meant to improve farmers’ access to finance. Not any more.

In Nigeria, a particular sector is known to have investment opportunities that promise returns above 30% to 50%. That sector is Agriculture

And over the last three years, Agri-crowdfunding fintechs have gained popularity with the Nigerian investing public. A lot of these entities have sprung up, with most of their operating names combining “Agro”, “Invest”, “Farmer” and so on.  These platforms claim to bridge the gap between investors looking for attractive returns and smallholder farmers looking for capital. Their solutions mostly involve providing farmers’ access to working capital, enhancing farm productivity, and enabling a stronger route to market for produce. 

In this report, you’ll find:

  1. Perspectives from stakeholders
  2. Current realities in the market
  3. Lessons & strategies to improve agriculture & agro-financing models

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