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Entry 20: In My Feelings

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Today has been quite a journey.

Phewww, I wonder what hormone this is called, but I’ve been ecstatic since I woke up. A lot has gone on behind the scenes for the Paint with Dad campaign we launched for Father’s Day this year.

We hosted fathers and their children to a Paint & Sip event at Cowrywise HQ, and it was the best! They shared some heartwarming stories with us, and we even got some on camera 🥰

I’ve been refreshing the YouTube page since, waiting for the video to hit 3K views 😩

If you’re reading this, please go watch the video please 🥺 It’s really short, and I promise it’s the most wholesome video you’d have seen today.

I also read Alma’s cute article and I’ve just been in my feelings all day. 

Fatherhood can be tough, tbh. I know this because I’ve seen first-hand all the sacrifices my father made for us while we were growing up. 

Some of my early money memories were with my dad.

He would call us together in the evenings. Electricity was probably out and we were bored. He’d then quiz us on adjectives and nouns and attach money as the prize for getting the answers right.

Before I was 10, I could distinguish American from British English. I could write short stories, and I had a lot of money saved in my kolo from acing those quizzes. Two of the things I’m passionate about today – writing and money – can be traced back to one or two experiences with my dad.

You know how a lot of people make random jokes about what they used to do while in school – tell your parents a book costs 20,000 NGN when it actually costs 2,000 NGN – I have never been able to relate. It’s not because I’m morally superior, but because I didn’t need to do much to get the extra 18,000 NGN from my dad. He made sure I had everything I needed and most things that I wanted.

Today, as we celebrate fathers, we also celebrate those who never knew their biological fathers, those who have tense relationships with their fathers, those who have Angel Dads, and those who would rather not celebrate today for personal reasons. You’re a testimony of strength and courage, and I’m sending you all my love 💙

Being in the middle of this Paint and Sip campaign brought back a lot of memories. 

I feel particularly blessed to be part of a company whose focus is not only on money, but on priceless human relationships and experiences. It’s always the humanity for me.

Happy Father’s Day to you and yours, from me and my team. Ohh, and a special shout-out to Nonso for carrying this campaign on his head 😅 

I hope you spent today with the people you love, or at least doing what you wanted. I spent mine alone and indoors, though. It was too wet outside. Did you see that rain? 😩 It’s not me and you o.

Talk tomorrow.

Ope 💙

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