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Kizz Daniel’s “Too Busy to Be Bae”: Are you busy building Wealth or Romance?

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Kizz Daniel Too Busy to Be Bae

Kizz Daniel’s “Too Busy to Be Bae”

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Asiko nlo bi money


Some of us too busy to be bae

Nigerian music star, Kizz Daniel, yesterday released two new tracks, “Twe Twe” and “Too Busy to Be Bae”. While both songs are catchy and relatable, “Too Busy to Be Bae” offers some perspective with a financial twist.

In the song, Kizz Daniel talks about having no time to be somebody’s baby as he is busy making moves. In the lyrics, he painted a picture of where putting romance before achieving financial goals did not serve him. Hence, he currently has no room for romantic pursuits. 

You may want to ask yourself: 

Am I prioritizing romance over wealth building? 

Am I too busy chasing romantic doings to focus on securing my financial future?

While building strong and fulfilling relationships is important, neglecting financial security can lead to future challenges. 

Kizz Daniel’s song is a nudge to re-evaluate our priorities and consider whether we’re investing enough time and effort in building wealth alongside our romantic lives.

Remember, a secure financial future can even enhance the quality of your relationships and provide a solid foundation for a fulfilling life. 

That’s why the popular Afrobeats artist, Davido said in his song “Assurance” that:

Love is sweet oh..
When money enter, love is sweeter.

— Davido

Kizz Daniel’s song is not a statement against romance, but we can see it as a call to action, encouraging us to be about our financial goals.

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