A Father’s Love: Something Money Can’t Buy. 

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On the 18th of June, 2022, Cowrywise celebrated Father’s Day in a grand way. We invited our users and their fathers to the Cowrywise office to spend time with us and also have a photoshoot. It is not every day fathers get to spend time with their children. We wanted our users to create priceless memories with their fathers and also wanted the fathers to spend quality time with their children, to look back in time and see how far they have come. 


How it all started. 

Last year, we went all out on Father’s Day. We invited users to come to the Cowrywise office with their dads for a Paint with Dad session. We knew then that our users investing some time in their relationship with their dad would be good for both the father and the child. They would be investing in a different kind of bond, a solid one nonetheless. And just as we said then, sometimes it’s not all about money. Sometimes, it is about sitting down with your father to relive old memories. 

A father’s love is precious gift money can’t buy – but time can give it to you. And so we created the time and then the call went out. 

children holding frames of pictures with their fathers

The call. 

It started with a fun question on Twitter. From the goofy responses we got, we could pick out the truth: many people do not have recent pictures with their dad. This can be a sad reality, not documenting memories and moments with our fathers. And as we do with every problem we set our eyes upon at Cowrywise, we stepped in to create a solution. 

We decided to invite ten people to the Cowrywise office two days before father’s day for a professional photo shoot with their dad for free. The goal was to capture fun moments with father and child and present frames to their fathers to take home. 

We made the call on social media and we got hundreds of applications: users interested in creating memories with their fathers. It was hard to narrow this long list down to just 10 people but we eventually did and sent out the invites to the selected 10. 

fathers holding frames of pictures with their children

The big day.

Families started arriving around 9 am on Saturday. We had set up our office space for the photoshoot and had everything ready to make the day a memorable one. We started with introductions and played a fun game where children explained their different occupations to their parents in their mother tongue.  Things got a bit confusing when one of our users had to explain affiliate marketing to his father. 😂

We also had father and child share memories with us.  From Precious, who will forever be grateful to her dad for standing up for her when she was battling harassment at a younger age, to Adejare’s father who has found a confidant in his son; we went down memory lane and brought out the sweet juices of nostalgia. Mr. Adeoye told us of how he used to take his children to the farm and the son remembered when his father taught him how to drive. We also heard from Funto, who talked about how her dad used to make her lunch back while she was in school. 

It was a full day with childhood stories, adult memories and pictures.

father and daughter

Something money cannot buy.

At Cowrywise, we are big on money: making money, investing it, saving it. But we know that there are some things money cannot buy and a father’s love is one of them. We remain committed to helping our users not only build wealth but also create fun memories that withstand the test of time.

father and son

Watch the video on how the event went:

To this year’s Father’s Day and many more to come, we say, cheers. 🥂

Happy Father’s Day! 💙

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