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Cowrywise’s Inaugural Engineering Event: On Polyglot Persistence

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On July 27, 2023, we hosted the first external Engineering Talk, {UnderTheHood}, where we give people a peek into how our engineering works and discuss exciting innovations in tech. {UnderTheHood} brought together engineers from Monnify, Okra, and VerifyMe and we dined and had conversations about how we manage our unique storage requirements.

To understand the origin of {UnderTheHood}, let’s go back in time. Since 2022, the Cowrywise Engineering team has organized an in-house biweekly engineering talk where engineers, designers, and product managers come together to learn from one another and exchange ideas. Last month, we decided to make this a public event. This was how {UnderTeHood} came to be.

On Polyglot Persistence

Abdulrahman Solanke, our Infrastructure Lead, took the stage and gave a talk on Polyglot Persistence (a fancy term for data storage).  He began by talking about the essence of data, how important efficient storage and retrieval of data is, and how managing diverse and dynamic data sets can be a formidable challenge.

Now let’s break down a few things…

Polyglot persistence refers to the practice of using different types of data storage technologies, often referred to as databases, to handle different types of data within an application or system. In other words, rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all database solution for all data storage needs, we select the most appropriate database technology for each specific data requirement.

This concept encourages engineers to choose databases based on various performance characteristics. It often arises in modern applications where diverse data types such as structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data need to be stored and managed efficiently.

How does this help us serve you better?

By implementing a tailored data storage approach, we’re able to provide extra layered security making unauthorized access to sensitive information extremely difficult.

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>>Watch the talk here.

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