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Celebrating Customer Service Week 2023: Putting the customer first

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customer service week 2023 interns

At Cowrywise, we believe that exceptional customer service is at the heart of our success. That’s why, as we celebrated Customer Service Week 2023, we decided to take a unique approach to show our appreciation for our valued users.

This year, we opened our doors to eleven of our wonderful customers, giving them a chance to intern with their desired team for one day and to experience a day in the life of our team. It was a memorable and heartwarming day of connection and collaboration that left everyone with smiles on their faces.

Before we dive into how this year went, it’s good to take a look at how we’ve always celebrated Customer Service Week.

Favour, the one-day marketing intern with Michael Oladele, a marketing manager at Cowrywise

Some history lesson…

In 2019, we wanted our customers to experience what it’s like to be part of our customer service team. We invited four of them to the Cowrywise office to work as part of our customer service team for one day. Adebusola Mazeedat, Ope Adedeji, and Ifeoluwa Tunmise were part of the customers who participated in this. They talked about their exciting experience in this video.

In 2021, we went out to the movies with some of our customers. It was an amazing time at the cinema, interacting with customers, engaging them and connecting the people who work at Cowrywise with the people who use Cowrywise.

Last year, we invited our customers to celebrate our Customer Experience [CX] team with us by sending us their sweet thoughts about our CX team members. During the week, we decorated the CX workspace to make them feel loved and we collated our customers’ thoughts and presented them to the team.

Seeing their faces brighten up as they read the kind words our customers wrote to them was quite fulfilling. One of the customers wrote to Damilola Bankole, one of our product specialists, about how they were robbed and thought all their funds were gone but Damilola came through for them. It was an emotional moment for our CX Team. You can watch the video here.

Customer Service Week has always been a special time for us at Cowrywise. It’s an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the incredible dedication of our customer service team and to express our gratitude to our customers who have supported us on our journey. It’s also a time to reinforce our commitment to providing top-notch service and to find unique ways to connect with our users on a deeper level.

Heritage, the one-day design intern

Customer Service Week 2023

This year’s Customer Service Week was extra special. We wanted to do more than just say “thank you.” We wanted to create a meaningful experience for our users, one that would leave a lasting impression. So, we decided to invite eleven of our users to join us for a one-day internship at our office. We made a video to call for applications and we received over 2500 applications!

Selecting the interns

The number of people who applied for the internship was more than anticipated. While we expected a lot of people to apply, we didn’t fully grasp the level of interest this would generate. The CX team did the selection process and our major objective was to make sure the selected customers were a right fit for the Cowrywise team. We spent days painstakingly reviewing all the applications before finding our interns for the day.

The One-Day Internship

We selected eleven customers for this one-day internship, four of them came around on Wednesday and the remaining seven came on Thursday.

Meet and Greet

Our users had the chance to meet and interact with our co-founders, who shared their journey and vision for Cowrywise. It was an opportunity for them to see the faces behind the platform and feel the genuine commitment to their financial well-being.

The interns meeting with our co-founders, Razaq Ahmed and Edward Popoola.

Product Catch-Up

Our interns had the chance to meet with the Product team and engage in meaningful conversations about our products. This opportunity allowed them to gain valuable insights into our product development processes.

Our product team meeting with the one-day interns.

Working with their desired team

The interns had the opportunity to work directly with their desired team from CX, Growth, Design, Portfolio, Frontend, Backend, Legal and Compliance, Product, Data, HR to Finance—which was quite an experience for them. They got to experience firsthand the work we do at Cowrywise. For instance, the growth intern, Godsfavour, took over our social media platforms for the day. This hands-on experience allowed her to not only apply her skills but also to connect with our audience in a meaningful way.

portfolio intern precious with busola
frontend intern juliet with teejay, frontend developer

Photo session

As the internship came to a close, our interns were not only equipped with newfound knowledge and skills but also with cherished memories. They took some truly awesome pictures that will forever serve as a memory of their time here.

Day 1 interns
Day 2 Interns


Giving people a chance to work at Cowrywise, if only for one day, is our way of saying we believe in our customers and in their career dreams. We know how difficult it is to build a solid career in tech and we only hope that a one-day internship with the Cowrywise team helps our customers move a step closer to their dream careers. Thankfully, the testimonials we’ve gotten so far tell us we’re doing a good job!

Thank you for sticking with us

Customer Service Week 2023 was not just a celebration; it was a day of connection, collaboration, and gratitude. We were thrilled to have our users intern with us, and their positive feedback and smiles were the best reward we could ask for. This unique experience reinforced our commitment to putting our users first and striving for excellence in customer service. We can’t wait to see what the future holds as we continue to grow together with our incredible community of Cowrywise users.

Thank you for being a part of our journey! 💙


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