Dream Vacations You Can Afford

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Dream vacations play around in our heads a lot. Unsurprisingly, when we try to take them out into reality, we face the truth — they are not affordable. So, we stick to daydreaming and responding to cute images with, “God when?”. To that question, we say, today!

How are we helping with your dream vacation?

In the past few weeks, we have worked with brilliant travel advisors to create affordable vacation packages. These budget travel packages cover different destinations and experiences across Africa and beyond. We started with Naija Nomads and Unravelling Nigeria to host an event that brought together travel experts. They shared amazing tips for budget travel in a calm and fun atmosphere.

To help practicalize these tips, we allowed the audience to test the view of our travel page. The travel page is a hub that showcases the finest travel experiences and allows you to pay for them in bits. For a start, we have trips from 4 trusted travel advisors: Bougie Travels, Grosvenor Travels, Naija Nomads and TVP Adventures. We will add more over time.

What experiences are available?

We currently have vacation plans that will allow you:

  • Experience the fine islands of Seychelles.
  • Party with Wizkid and Burnaboy at the AfroNation Festival in Ghana.
  • Enjoy the captivating skylines of Ivory Coast.
  • Tour three countries and spend the New Year in Ghana!

How to book budget travel packages to your dream destination?

You book for a dream vacation by joining the Savings Circle created by the travel advisor. Here are the simple steps:

  • Visit cowrywise.com/travel
  • Browse through experiences
  • If you love the experience, tap “Join Circle”.

Why do you need to join a Savings Circle? For each experience, a specific Saving Circle is created. That way, you can pay in bits, weekly for example, for whatever experience you choose. You can also perform a onetime saving into the Circle. The Saving Circle enables you to make periodic savings towards that travel goal. It is key to note that payments cannot be reversed.

So, where would you love to visit? Download the Cowrywise app and get started here.