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Saving money should be simple and rewarding.


Automated Savings

We have automated personal savings. With your debit/ATM card, we automatically save from your bank account into your CowryWise account. Whether you are saving for your child's education, your Dubai getaway or your new home, you can create as many saving plans as you like.

Safety of Funds

We adopted a trustee structure with Meristem Trustees Limited which holds invested assets of CowryWise in custody for the safety of savers' fund. This structure ensures your savings are protected. We are also able to harvest the best yield possible on your savings instead of having your money idle away in the bank.


Earn Daily, Competitive Returns

What good is your saved up cash that cannot work for you? Your savings on the CowryWise platform will start earning interests on a daily basis from day 1. You earn as much as 2.5 times what your bank can give you. Not only because you deserve it, but we have done the Maths for you.

Withdraw anytime (unlocked plans)

We don't tell you how many times you can withdraw from your unlocked saving plans. We believe this flexibility is required on periodic savings for emergencies. You can withdraw from your unlocked plans without restriction or penalty. Yep. No penalties.


Bank-Grade Security

The CowryWise platform is built with security in mind. We do not store card details and we work with a PCIDSS-compliant payment gateway processor to ensure security of customer data. In addition, we have enabled 2 factor verification for all your withdrawals on CowryWise.

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