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Customer Relations Lessons From Sisi

Customer Relations Lessons From Sisi

Sisi is Cowrywise chatbot that enables our customers have access to their Cowrywise account through Facebook Messenger. Our idea of convenience is to enable everyone make saving decisions on the go by integrating such convenient decision making moments in their normal social lives.

With Sisi, you can quickly save money, check your saving balance, check your returns and see all your saving plans at one go. You do this via guided chat interaction with the ‘Queen of the Savings Kingdom’ 👰🏽.

Over the course of users’ interaction with Sisi, we have learnt some soft lessons on how customer relations and marketing strategies are evolving.

1. Understand the customer journey: What are the steps your customers often take during their purchase journey?

2. Design for customer success: What are the most likely questions your customers ask and in what pattern do they ask them?

3. Humanize it: Make it real in exchanges. You can spice it up with pleasantries and emotional intelligence.

4. Learn from the data: As your customers evolve, make sure your bot is evolving too. Learn from past experiences and be ready to upgrade your bot.

Those are a few lessons from Sisi; our beautiful Facebook Messenger who is working 24/7 to ensure you enjoy good customer service.

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